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Travel Requests

Travelling and Parking 

Visitor Permits:  I have delayed making this request as there have been so many issues around the need for parent parking but, as a school staff, we do not have enough spaces for all of our colleagues in our car park. As a school, we have no rights either residential or as a business to request permits for visitors from the London Borough of Hillingdon. To that end, I am requesting that any parent who is also a resident in the surrounding roads and has access to visitor permits donates one to the school so that we can give them to important visitors so that the car park can be for the sole use of the staff. Any donations will be gratefully received. Thank you in advance.

Bicycle Safety:  I have noticed a large number of Glebe pupils cycling around the local area after school. It is really lovely to see that the children are making the most of their free time by being active but I have also noticed some dangerous habits emerging – very few of the children are wearing helmets and, perhaps more worryingly, some children are cycling on the wrong side of the road close to the bends. I would hate to have to report on here of a nasty accident involving one of our pupils being knocked off their bike. I fully appreciate when large groups of children get together that any safety advice they have been given is not their first priority but we will speak to the children in school about cycle safety and I’d be grateful if you could remind your children too.