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Pastures New

There are a number of other staff moving on to exciting new adventures after today. Miss Bird, who has taught in Reception for three years, is heading off around the world. She has been an extremely popular teacher and much liked by children and staff alike. I’m pleased to say that she will be returning to Glebe in a year to resume her teaching career. Miss Facchin in Year 1 is also travelling but in her case back to her native Australia. She has been at Glebe for two years having first worked in Year 5 and more recently with Year 1. I’m pleased to say she hasn’t become ‘too English’ in her time here and is often seen proudly wearing her Australian flag while eating a Vegemite sandwich and playing with a boomerang on the playground after school. She’s one of the few people who hasn’t complained of being too hot during the recent warm weather! Miss Webster in Year 2 has a shorter journey to make to her new adventure. She and her partner are heading up to Leicestershire where Miss Webster’s soon to be new husband has been relocated through his work. She has completed two years at Glebe and has made a great impact with the children and all those she has worked with. Miss Simmonds in Year 3 is also off travelling around the world after her year at Glebe. She will also be missed and has brought great enthusiasm to her class and they have benefitted greatly from her work. Mrs Miller in Year 5 also leaves us after working in Year 5 since September (she also did a few weeks at the end of the last academic year covering Mrs Joyce’s maternity leave). She is moving as her husband has been re-posted. Again she has been an excellent teacher in the relatively short time she has been at Glebe and she has done a fantastic job with her class. Finally Miss Hall will been heading west (literally, as she’s off to Bristol) after today. She spent two years in Year 4 and was reunited with many of her first Glebe class when she took on Year 6 in September. She’s been a very popular teacher who always tries to maintain a smile on her face and a positive attitude towards all she does. As a country born girl she could certainly be described as an ‘outdoorsy’ type and has worked hard to encourage others to use the fantastic grounds we have more often and she also introduced the daily mile. All of these teachers have made a great contribution to life at Glebe and I am sure you join me in wishing them well for the future.