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Outdoors with Glebe

30 Days Wild

30 Days Wild - The 30 Days Wild challenge is almost over, just one week to go.  Children and staff have taken advantage of the warm weather to go outdoors and make use of our ‘wild’ field.  Year 3 children have been writing stories and drawing pictures of nature and Year 1 children have been having a go at meditating!  Daisy chain making has also been popular as has finding the odd ‘minibeast’.  To celebrate all the challenges we have completed we are planning to have a picnic on the field on Friday 30th June...let’s hope the rain has been and gone by then!  Please note that we will not be providing hot school meals for KS2 children on that day so please make sure they bring a packed lunch.

The Glebe Gardeners - The Glebe Gardeners will be exhibiting their Wild Fairy Garden in the Ruislip Central Summer Horticultural Show tomorrow at The Great Barn, Manor Farm in Ruislip. The Show is open to the public between 1-4.15pm, if you'd like to come along entry is free.