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Feeling hot hot hot!

Phew! What a scorcher!

  It has certainly been a scorcher this week and I imagine lots of you, like myself, were relieved today when it suddenly felt a bit cooler. I suspect by this time next week we will all be bemoaning the rain which is forecast in the coming days. The new building wasn’t particularly built with hot weather in mind. Sadly it wasn’t possible to have air conditioning at the time of the build and it is an expensive thing to maintain not least as weather like this week is still relatively rare. It was good to see lots of children with their hats on and clearly many were ‘lotioned up’ before coming in to school. We have been encouraging the children to drink plenty and make use of the large shaded area on the field. We have shortened lunchtime on a couple of occasions this week to allow time to cool down before lessons. We don’t have a no shorts policy like many schools, including the one in Devon that you may have seen on the news last night. The boys there protested this rule by wearing school skirts for the day. Hopefully the same won’t be necessary at Glebe!