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Attendance and House Point Winners!


Attendance: 4L were the overall class with the highest percentage attendance over the year. We are busy thinking of a class reward which the children will be able to enjoy in the new school year.

10 children have been awarded badges for 100% attendance throughout the school year. Head Teacher Whinge Alert (the only one in this newsletter, I promise): This is a really low number for a school this size. I fully appreciate that children get ill and have appointments but these only make up a small proportion of absences. I will be working with the local authority to put procedures in place to improve our attendance figures next year. Watch this space…

Children who have had 100% in the Summer term or over two terms have received certificates. 

House Points: So after a year of earning House Points for a range of good deeds and hard work as well as performing well in Sports Days, etc. the standings are as follows:

1st Burnham with 12,696 points

2nd Sussex with 12, 506 points

3rd Swakeleys with 12,158 points

4th Tavistock with 12,042 points