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​​​​​​​Vigilance Needed

Stranger Danger

I always find these things difficult to communicate to parents as I don’t want to cause widespread concern but I feel I should make you aware of an incident which was reported to me by a Glebe parent earlier this week. The parent was walking along Austins Lane when a silver Audi stopped and the female driver tried to coax her into the car more than once. Fortunately, this happened to an adult in this instance, however it could have just as easily been a child. I understand a car matching this description was reported in Northwood recently for attempting the same thing. Please be vigilant and if your child walks home on their own down Austins Lane, please reinforce the Stranger Danger message. The following website may help when discussing such issues with younger children:

The following website contains information for parents to help them discuss such issues with KS2 pupils: