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Children in Need and the Big Sit Out

Pennies for Pudsey

Children in Need – as we have just raised a considerable sum for homelessness projects, Children in Need will be low-key at Glebe this year. However, please see the message from Miss Lance below:

It’s time to look under the sofa, in old purses and all of your old coat pockets to try and find those annoying copper coins which we love to hate and weigh us all down. 
To raise money for Children in Need, on Friday the 16th November we will be taking part in Pennies for Pudsey. Each year group will be trying to cover a humongous printed Pudsey Bear head with coins. Therefore, if you could reach into your pockets or try and find some spare coins lying around, please could you send these in with your child on Friday. It would be greatly appreciated and will be going towards this fantastic cause!

Finally, of course everything is a competition, so the year with the most Pusdey heads covered will be winning a very special treat!!

Let’s cover Pudsey!

The Big Sit Out: The sponsorship money has continued to come in for The Big Sit Out and Trinity Homelessness Project. We have raised a phenomenal £3389.05 with one family alone raising £400! This is the largest amount we have ever raised for any charity and we have a representative from Trinity coming in to collect the cheque and thank the children in person next week. Thank you all so much for your generosity.