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Viking Day

Year 5 Viking Day: One of the highlights of the year is seeing the pupils (and the staff) dressed up in their Viking costumes. Who better to tell you about the experience than the Year 5 pupils themselves:

VIKING DAY! Our first task was to make cool dragon broaches that could clip to your costume. We painted a peg and stuck a template on that was decorated with lovely scales.

Next we made plain Viking style bread that most people liked, especially when dipped in honey although some people tried the gluten free version which tasted absolutely disgusting! We also made Viking prayer runes, on one side we wrote our names (in English) an on the other side we wrote a message in Viking runes. We had to flatten out some clay and with a toothpick we carved in the message.

We also played a game called 9 Mens Morris we had nine counters each and the aim of the game was to get 3 in a row, and if you got three in a row you would get to take one of the other player’s counters.

We all enjoyed Viking day very much. We are all looking forward to our next history topic.

Created by: Kyra, Shreya, Beau, Dylan