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A message from: Mrs Patricia Swindells – Vice Chair of Governors

 Along with the staff and pupils the governors are also looking forward to a well-deserved break as it has been a very busy year for the Governing Board.  As well as the usual Full Governing Board meetings the governors also participate in subcommittees and working parties.  They also visit the school to see the staff and pupils in action.  This is always a rewarding experience due to the level of professionalism shown by the staff and the enthusiasm of the pupils.                                              

Governors are also on the appointment panels and this year we have been busy but the comments from the applicants, as to why they want to work at Glebe, have confirmed that Glebe is recognised as being a school of high standards with an ethos that promotes the best for each pupil.                                                                  

The Governors appreciate the work that has been done by the staff who are leaving and thank them for making Glebe what it is today.                                                                            

As well as looking at the school the Governing Board have also been looking at ways in which we can improve through attending training so that we are up to date with the opportunities and threats that we might face in the future.  We were very pleased that we were awarded the Governor Mark for a second time.                          

 Next year will bring challenges and opportunities for the school to continue its success and the governors will work alongside the staff and pupils to ensure that every pupil will have the best experience and achieve their full potential.