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Hockey League

Hockey League:

Final standings –

Cup Winners: Long's Leopards

Runners up: Birds Bulldogs

3rd: Dwyer's Dragons

4th: Joyce's Jackals

Plate Winners: Folland's Falcons

Runners up: Lance's Lions

3rd place: Penney's Pythons

4th: Everett's Eagles.

Top Goal scorer: Ewan Lockley 23 goals – congratulations to Ewan on this fantastic achievement.

We had a teachers v pupils hockey match on Tuesday afternoon and after a nail biting game, the teachers came away victorious! It wasn’t quite as exciting as the cricket on Sunday (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d type) but it was touch and go for the staff for a while.


Coach of the Year:                                                                                                                       

After a hard fought battle between the coaches of the various sporting teams, Mrs Long won the coveted coach’s hat for her teams’ performances in both netball and district sports. Congratulations to Mrs Long.