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Gradual Relaxation of school-based Covid 19 Restrictions

Gradual relaxation of school-based Covid-19 restrictions May 2021

As the country continues to move through the road map of lifting restrictions, we have given careful consideration to what Covid-related rules we can relax and which we will keep a little longer. I hope you appreciate that any changes to the current systems will need to be done gradually so if there is a spike in cases, we can precisely pinpoint the possible cause. Having consulted with our Health and Safety advisors, I can confirm the following, from:

Monday 17th May – children can bring in backpacks or book bags into school

Tuesday 8th June (first day after half term)– we will be reducing the timings of the staggered start to 5 minute intervals (currently 10 minutes).

Drop Off                                                                                 Pick Up

8.40am A, B & H                                                                  3.10pm A, B & H

8.45am I, C, D & P                                                              3.15pm I, C, D & P

8.50am S, T, U, V, W & Q                                                3.20pm S, T, U, V, W & Q

8.55am E, F, M, O, R, Y & Z                                           3.25pm E, F, M, O, R, Y & Z

9.00am G, J, K, L & N                                                       3.30pm G, J, K, L & N