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New Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) Expectations

The Department for Education Expectations

The Department for Education have released the expectations of what they would like pupils to know by the end of their primary education. We are in the process of including some of the new strands into our current Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) curriculum. At Glebe we have a strong focus on PSHE, and have done for many years, so the new expectations are not as daunting as we are already teaching much of the key knowledge mentioned in the new framework. I have sent out the expectations as a separate document with this newsletter so you can see what they are. Once we have included the new strands and updated our curriculum, we will be holding an information evening for parents which will include the topics we will be teaching in each year group per term in RSE as well as the key vocabulary that will be taught as part of each topic. We will also be purchasing issue-based picture books to support the topics in each year group. These will also be available to peruse on the evening.