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Year 3s' Busy Week

Assembly and School Trip

3P Class Assembly: Mr Perkins and his class treated us to a lovely assembly which explored the history of St. Valentine’s day as well as serenading us all with a series of love songs. The children explained that celebrating St. Valentine’s day is an opportunity to show everyone we care about how much we appreciate them. Mr Perkins ramped up the schmooze by getting the children to sprinkle rose petals on the hall floor (luckily Mr Young was on duty and not Mr Budden as he wouldn’t have ‘loved’ sweeping up after that!) and giving a single red rose to one family member who came to see their performance. It really was a lovely assembly and one that will stay in the memory for a very long time. Well done to Mr Perkins for producing his first Glebe assembly, to Mrs Holding for helping him and the class put it together and the children for singing and performing so beautifully.

Year 3 Trip to the Rock Show at Uxbridge Library: This trip is more of the geological variety than the musical. 
On Wednesday, Year 3 went to Uxbridge Library to see the rock show.  We learnt about different types of rocks and where they have come from. The children really enjoyed seeing all the different rocks and fossils.  In particular, they enjoyed seeing rocks that glow in the dark! The behaviour from all three classes was excellent, and we even had a member of the public compliment us on the children’s manners