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So Busy in School

Busy, busy, busy

Reception and Year 4 Parent Workshops 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to come to the workshops we ran this week and thank you to the staff for the  time and effort you put into preparing the presentation and resources. Numbers of parents attending have been low overall compared to previous years so we will be preparing a questionnaire to ascertain why that may be. It may be connected to the fact that we upload all presentations and handouts to the school website so you can access the resources regardless of whether you attend the meeting, but I strongly believe that the additional information shared by the teachers on the evenings – including the sharing of excellent tips and ‘tricks of the trade’ – is invaluable and cannot be replicated by reading a powerpoint presentation. I urge you to give us your feedback when the questionnaire is sent out so we can evaluate how and when we run the sessions. Next week is the turn of Year 3 (on Tuesday: 5.30 – 6.15pm) and Nursery (on Wednesday: 5 -5.45pm).

4A Class Assembly

Congratulations 4A on such an impressive assembly. It was such a shame that Mrs Akhter was ill and unable to see how incredible it was, as I know she would've been as proud of you as we were. Staff were on hand to help the children out, that morning, but as they had rehearsed so well, every child knew exactly what was expected of them and performed so confidently and clearly- they didn't need them! We learned all about the battle formations of Roman soldiers; we heard job applications to join the Roman army and Mrs Long was very happy to watch the children perform the well-loved "like a Roman" song! We learned all about the functions of different teeth we have and that we should look after them properly; saw a re-enactment of the Ironman- but I think everyone's favourite part was the maths battle between teachers and parents! It was a close call, but well done Mr Dwyer for winning and knowing your times tables so well!  It was a really fun and informative assembly and a particular thank you to Miss Blake for stepping in so calmly and helping the children put on a fantastic assembly. Miss Rhodes

Glebe Remembers

Thank you to Miss Rhodes, the Year 6 prefects, Mrs Sheldon, Mrs Murray and Mrs Graham for leading the school in an excellent remembrance assembly on Monday and thank you in particular to Seth and Dylan for creating such a fantastic powerpoint to accompany what the children were saying.  It was an appropriate mix of being informative whilst also helping us to reflect on the sacrifice of the soldiers who have died protecting our country.  It was really helpful to know why the poppy is used as a symbol of remembrance and all about the very first poppy appeal.  Thank you once again to these children and adults and also to the children and adults running the poppy stall last week. Your time and effort was really appreciated


3P 99.3
1C 99.2
1L 99.2
3ME 99
5M 98.4
1S 98
RW 97.3
2G 97.3
4A 97.3
5EV 97
6T 96.6
6A 96.3
RLB 96.2
5LV 95.8
2B 95.7
4L 95
2K 93.6
4FJD 93.3
RA 93.1
6R 92.8
3I 90.7‚Äč