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Ickenham Festival Art Competition June 2022

Ickenham Festival Art Competition

The following children have had their art work chosen to compete in the Ickenham Festival art competition.

Their pieces of art work will be displayed in Ickenham library from 11th to 24th June so people can go and see it. The Ickenham Festival panel will judge all the entries and announce a first, second and third place in each phase group. Well done to all of those selected: Year 1- Leo, Amelia, Kian, Jasmine S, Harper, Dennis Year 2- Freddie, Paridhi, William W, Kamsi, Sulaiman, Ruby Year 3- Kaya, Sienna, Eddie, Annie, Amira, Jensen Year 4- Jaya, Harry J, Sarah, Jahnavi, Ava, Sienna Year 5- Aidan, Nevaeh, Jamie, Amber, Siyana, Izabella Year 6- Alissa, Poppy, Hawwa, Arshiya, Valentina, Bhyron and Leila.