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Year 1


Using a variety of media to produce self- portraits. Developing basic skills.

L.S. Lowry

Building up a picture, learning about the layers- background, foreground etc.

Around the world

 looking at and recreating artwork from different countries.

Year 2


Learn sculpting skills and apply to create a variety of sculptures from clay.


Flower pressing and still life drawing.

Fire of London

Looking at cold and hot colours, colour mixing.

Year 3


Using different media and looking at artists famous for their portraiture work.

Egyptian art

Produce Egyptian collars

Cave paintings

(linked to Stone age history topic)

Year 4


Exploring the work of David Hockney. Learning skills needed to produce artwork in a similar style.

Still Life

Fruits and Vegetables- observational art using various media.

Outdoor Art

Using natural resources and create ‘big art attack’ style piece outside.

Year 5

Harvest perspective pictures/paintings to tie in with Harvest festival performance.


Rainforest animal masks
Diorama of a rainforest scene.

Investigating the artist-Henri Rousseau.

Year 6

Still life

Insects- using drawing skills to include fine detail.


Exploring the style of this famous artist and produce work inspired by his style.

Pop art

Studying famous pop artists, then producing own work in pop art style.