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Behaviour Statement

Glebe Primary School prides itself on the standard of behaviour from its pupils. This is easily identified when you visit the school or meet Glebe pupils on a school trip or event. It is as a result of the positive ethos of the school community, that we have high expectations of all its members both children and adults. The school works very much on the principle of recognising and rewarding good behaviour. The school uses a range of reward systems including house points, golden time, privilege play, citizenship awards as well as positions of responsibility such as prefects, playground rangers and head boy and girl.
We collaborate with parents to ensure there is a consistent approach and we work together to ensure the highest standards. The school takes a proactive approach and engages parents as soon as there are concerns about behaviour that falls below an appropriate standard. Similarly we inform parents of good behaviour though home school books, good news texts and conversations. To ensure a consistency of approach we employ a behaviour matrix of sanctions for inappropriate behaviour. It ensures that behaviour issues are dealt with fairly and in a swift and effective manner. Behaviour for learning across the school is of the highest standard. Focused, engaged and highly motivated learners are what you would expect to find as you walk around the school. This is reflected in their learning outcomes and the progress that children make. Above all we encourage children to take full responsibility for their own behaviour both in class and around the school. 
We encourage children to support each other in their behaviour and have a clear understanding of what constitutes expected behaviour. Children have high expectations of themselves in their conduct towards each other and to all adults in school and the wider community. As a result of the excellent behaviour at Glebe, children are happy and learn in a calm, safe and purposeful school.