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House Teams

House Teams and Prefects 2017/18

We have four house teams at Glebe, named after our local streets and roads, each team also has a colour. All children of the same family are put in the same house so we can all work together to get house points for our team. The teachers and support staff are all members of House Teams as well. Competition is very strong and we find out each week at our Friday assembly who has won team of the week, we try our hardest to win 'HP' by working hard, being polite, doing something extra to help and Sports Day can earn us lots of points. At the end of the school year there is one overall winner, announced at the last Assembly before we break up for the summer.

This year's House Captains are:


Captains: Jacob and Isabelle


Captains: Freddie and Beth


Captains: Anna and Callum


Captains: Yasmin and malik

Our school prefects have been voted in for this school year:

Head Boy and Girl

Taniya and Liam


Sam and Jorja

Jade and Keira

Izzy and Matthew

Elina and Emily

Jamine and Alex

Pelumi and Aoife

Alison and Joshua