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"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." ~ Victor Hugo

Music is a powerful means of communication and is one of the highest forms of creativity. It brings children together and creates opportunities to work with one another using a universal language. It is an art that can be practised, appreciated, and enjoyed at many levels. Music develops children’s ability to take part in practical activities, both individually and in groups, that encourages and cultivates an enjoyment of different genres of music. Additionally, music reflects the culture and society we live in and so the teaching and learning of music enables children to better understand the world they live in. It is a creative and fun activity but can also be a highly challenging subject. It is our aim that all children at Glebe Primary School experience a high-quality, inspiring music education, which instils a life-long enjoyment and appreciation for music.


Music at Glebe Primary School aims to:

  • Give every child the opportunity to experience enjoyment through a variety of musical activities and to respond to musical emotions.
  • Develop a child’s understanding of music through these activities.
  • Help children of all abilities develop positive attitudes and to experience success and satisfaction in music.
  • Develop social skills through co-operation with others in the shared experience of music making.
  • Develop an understanding of musical traditions and enhance performance skills by learning and performing music in a variety of cultures.
  • Give children the opportunity to perform music both vocally and with instruments.
  • Encourage the children to explore a wide range of sounds.
  • Give them the opportunity to compose music and express their ideas and feelings through music.
  • Experience listening to music of a variety of styles and cultures.
  • Develop a child’s appreciation of the richness of our musical heritage.
  • Provide an array of performance opportunities.
  • Encourage high standards in performance.
  • Be motivated to enjoy and succeed in music.
  • Encourage children to express ideas and opinions about music.
  • Give each child the opportunity to develop their musical talents.
  • Develop an appropriate vocabulary to help them understand and discuss their own work and that of others.


Music is taught weekly, and we use Charanga and BBC Ten Piece for our lessons. The children are taught to appreciate music, learn about rhythm, pitch, tempo and are exposed to a large range of musicians.



All children also take part in a weekly singing assembly.

The Hillingdon Music Hub have a big involvement at Glebe and each year group benefits from a term of specialist teaching.

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 2 – Recorders

Year 5 Samba Drums

Year 1 – African Drumming

Year 4 – African drumming


Year 4 - Ukulele

At the end of the term, the children perform a concert to the peers and parents.

What do our pupils say?

What have you enjoyed about music this year?

Year 1 Pupil “I liked it when we made music with our bodies”

                     “Learning about rhythm in songs”

Year 2 Pupil “You get to have a fun time because music makes me     happy”

Year 3 Pupil “I like the music that we do”

Year 4 Pupil “I have enjoyed learning all the notes and how to make music”

Year 5 Pupil “It was fun to do different things”

 Year 6 Pupil  “I have enjoyed the body percussion”

What would you like to do more of?

Year 1 Pupil “I would like to make more music with the instruments”

Year 2 Pupil “I would like to do more singing”

Year 4 Pupil “I would like to make songs with instruments”

                     “I would like to learn notes and even play or write songs”

Year 5 Pupil “I would like to do some pop and fun songs”

Year 6 Pupil “Pop songs and rap music”

What have you learnt about in your music lessons?

Year 1 Pupil “That we can make music with our bodies and not just instruments”

                    “All about rhythm and pulse”

Year 2 Pupil “You can sing differently for different types of music”

Year 3 Pupil “To play the xylophone”

Year 4 Pupil “How to play instruments in groups”

                     “I learn that 1,2,3,4 helps when you say it in your head”

Year 5 Pupil “I have learnt that music can be made with your body, not just instruments”

Anything else you would like to say about music?

Year 1 Pupil “I like listening to music a lot”

Year 2 Pupil “I love singing!”

Year 3 Pupil “It is a very fun lesson”

Year 4 Pupil “It can make you happy and relaxed when you play music”

Year 5 Pupil “You can make music in lots of way”


The Hillingdon Music Hub also offer weekly teaching for children in year 4 up. They have the chance to learn guitar, keyboard, a woodwind instrument, and violin.

Our local Music Hub has recognised the value that you place on music and recommended that you become a Music Mark School! We believe music is more important than ever, so we thank you for your commitment to it even when faced with challenges.


MAKE MUSIC DAY – 21st June 2021

Make Music Day is both an international annual day of music making and an ongoing campaign. The day of music making is a free celebration of music that takes place in 125 countries on the 21 June every year. The ongoing campaign creates cultural communities by:

- Fostering connections in music-making

- Supporting the development of skills

- Promoting music to new audiences via free music events and participatory projects

To celebrate Make Music Day here at Glebe, the whole school took part in some Body Percussion to some well-known songs. Enjoy looking at the photos of what each year group got up to!