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At Glebe Primary School, we believe in an ethos that values the whole child. We strive to enable all children to reach their full potential academically, socially and emotionally.

The 2014 National Curriculum for PE states that: ‘A high-quality physical education curriculum inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities. It should provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect.’ At Glebe Primary School, we work in partnership with Primary Sporting Development (PSD) to ensure that all teaching staff are confident in delivery high quality, engaging PE lessons that all children can access at a level appropriate to the individual. Across each academic year, all teaching staff have access to Continued Professional Development (CPD) to enable them to consistently deliver lessons which inspire all pupils. 

At Glebe, we have a wide range of PE facilities – both indoor and outdoor – that allow PE to take place in all weathers. PE equipment is audited termly, ensuring that there are always enough resources to deliver high quality lessons.


At Glebe, we are fortunate to have a specialist SEN sports coach provided to us by PSD. This allows the relevant professionals to identify individuals who are struggling to access their class PE lessons and put in highly specified, child-centred interventions. Depending on the needs of the child, these interventions may be pre-teaching what is to come in the next PE lesson or they may focus on developing more specific targets, drawing on information from parents, key workers, class teachers, the child and any relevant Occupational Therapy (OT) reports.

Extra-Curricular Sports

We are fortunate to have a team of dedicated teachers who run a wide range of different sports teams, including: boys and girls football, netball, hockey, tag rugby and more! We participate in a range of competitive fixtures and competitions against other schools in Hillingdon.

Additionally, we have after school sports’ clubs that are run by CP Soccer and PSD, which run throughout the week.

Interhouse Hockey League

Years 5 and 6 have the opportunity to take part in an interhouse hockey league, where they compete against one another representing their franchise. Each team is managed by a different teacher, who mentors and coaches them – with the aim to progressing into the play-offs and becoming Glebe Hockey Champion for the year, giving the children (and teacher) bragging rights!

What do our pupils say?

Do you enjoy PE? Why?

Year 6: I enjoy doing PE with my friends and I love anything to do with sport.

Year 5: PE is fun and I love doing exercise, it’s good for your body!

Year 4: I love PE in general, I love the exercise and the warm-ups.

Year 3: It’s fun, you get to learn new sports that you can really grow to enjoy.

Year 2: Yes, because it is fun and we get to do all different sports.

Year 1: Yes, because we play games and the lessons are fun!

What is your most memorable PE lesson?

Year 6: In Year 5 we were taught hockey, I hadn’t played it before and enjoyed it so much I played in the Glebe Hockey League.

Year 5: In Year 4, we played rounders with Mr Dwyer and he was so good! (Brownie points, well done!) The teachers joining in with the lesson was excellent.

Year 4: In Year 1 we did a PE day, it was really fun and we won the cup!

Year 3: Mrs Sheehan set up an obstacle course and we had to use different techniques to complete it. It was fun learning different ways to do things.

Year 2: Sports Day because we got to do all different activities and keep moving – it was really fun!

Year 1: I love playing stuck in the mud for a warm-up, it’s my favourite game.

Do you think you are good at PE? How do you know?

Year 6: Yes, because I am good at sports. I can try anything and I am good at it.

Year 5: Yes, because I sometimes get asked to demonstrate what to do in front of the class.

Year 4: I think I am decent, other children and teachers have told me I’m good at it.

Year 3: Yes, I normally do a lot of exercise and I practise what I learn in lessons at home.

Year 2: Yes, because the games are a little harder each week but I have a go.

Year 1: Yes because I remember everything that the teacher tells me.

How does your teacher support you in PE?

Year 6: They teach us new sports and guide us when we make mistakes. The teaching joining in activities to demonstrate is helpful.

Year 5: The teacher helps me by carefully explaining and showing me what to do.

Year 4: The teacher is good at giving clear instructions.

Year 3: Now we are in Year 3, we are learning new things and Miss Islam is excellent at helping us to get there!

Year 2: Our teacher tells us what we’re going to do and teaches us how to do it. It really helps because sometimes I get stuck and my teacher shows me what to do.

Year 1: The teacher shows me how to do different sports and exercises.

Is there anything that you would change about the way PE is taught at Glebe?

Year 6: I would like to have to opportunity to learn how to play badminton and a range of sports from around the world.

Year 5: I wouldn’t change anything about the way PE is taught, but after Covid I would like to play competitive games against other schools.

Year 4: I would like more hall space, so that we could have more indoor PE lessons.

Year 3: I can’t think of anything at all!

Year 2: Yes, the time goes so quickly that I would like a third PE lesson every week!

Year 1: No, I love PE.