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At Glebe School, we believe in an ethos that values the whole child.


We strive to enable all children to achieve their full potential academically, socially and emotionally.


The Importance of Science

Science is a systematic investigation of the physical, chemical and biological aspects of the world, which relies on first-hand experiences and on other sources of information. The scientific process and pupils’ problem-solving activities will be used to deepen their understanding of the concepts involved.  Through  science, pupils at Glebe Primary School will continue to deepen their respect, care and appreciation for the natural world and all its phenomena. 

At Glebe we aim to foster an enquiring mind and a positive attitude

towards Science through giving the children the opportunity to raise

their own questions, devise their own investigations and reflect critically on their findings.  Science is not always taught in isolation but may naturally draw from and contribute towards other areas of the curriculum.  Science teaching will be made relevant by building on pupil’s own experience and using contexts from the local environment and wider world.

At Glebe School the children will take part in investigations, problem solving, they will make illustrations, use scientific vocabulary and be taught the correct use of scientific equipment.


We aim to develop the following attitudes: -

  • an enjoyment of discovery
  • creativity and inventiveness
  • respect for evidence
  • willingness to tolerate uncertainty
  • awareness of health and safety
  • sensitivity to living and non-living things in the environment.
  • critical reflection
  • open mindedness
  • curiosity
  • perseverance
  • co-operation





Super Scientist home activities
Remember to ask an adult to help before you do any of these activities. Why not take a photo of your super science and upload it to your Class Dojo portfolio?
At home
Experiments with bicarbonate of soda
Make a naked egg!
​Family recipes to prepare together
Kitchen Science with the Science museum

Some fantastic activities and games for you to try at home.

Out and about...
Science Scavenger hunts
Butterfly feeder
Woodland wind chimes
Mud face and leaf activity


Let’s learn about bugs!

Local charity CW Wildlife rescue based in Rickmansworth, some interesting information about local wildlife and activities for children.

Find out more!
National Geographic- games and quizzes
KS1/ KS2  ' Maddies' Do you know?' Maddie Moate tells us all about how things work.