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Specialist Provision

Specialist Provision

Glebe is the only primary school in the London Borough of Hillingdon with a Specialist Resourced Provision (SRP) for hearing-impaired children.    The SRP accommodates a small number of hearing impaired children, who benefit from an oral/aural education in a mainstream school , which has specialist staff and equipment to support their needs.                                                                                                                                                                                              

We work hard in the SRP, sometimes independently and sometimes with support or a buddy. We learn to understand new vocabulary in different subjects to help us talk, read and write. Sometimes we use signs to support us in learning new words, to help us understand or to communicate with others. Some of us come into the hub for English and Maths lessons, but some of us stay in our classrooms, whatever is best for us. All of us come to the hub to do different activities at different times like Hub Explorers, Lego Club or other fun activities. 


I like being part of the SRP because the adults support us and we all come together as a community to work and have fun.


 (Fletcher, Izzy, Darci, Azim and Ibrahim)

Being part of the SRP makes me feel...

"I feel focussed because the teachers help me and  encourage me to work hard. " (Ibrahim, Yr 5)

"It makes me happy and we have fun at school" (Junaid, Yr 2)

"Excited because I have fun lessons" (Snehdeep, Yr 5)


Our pupils benefit from experienced mainstream classroom teachers. Our pupils also benefit from classrooms treated with Soundfield systems, enabling the teacher's voice to be heard equally well from wherever they sit in the room.

In addition the SRP staff consists of:

  • Teachers of the Deaf
  • Experienced Nursery Nurses and Learning Support Assistants
  • Visiting Speech and Language Therapist
  • Visiting Educational Psychologist
  • Liaison and support from Cochlear Implant Teams of leading children's hospitals
  • Visiting technician from the Ewing Foundation

SRP Resources:

  • All classrooms are acoustically designed to support our children
  • In addition to this,  we have two rooms within the SRP for our children to learn in, which are used for: interventions, group work and speech and language therapy, amongst other activities
  • Many of our children have radio aids, to support them with their speaking and listening
  • The provision of a wide range of technical aids.


The SRP for hearing impaired pupils was opened in September 1980. We have 2 large classrooms, that are divided into areas for teaching small groups and 1-1 speech and language therapy sessions. Teachers of the Deaf, Nursery Nurses and Learning Support Assistants are on hand to support the hearing impaired pupils.

We are an aural / oral provision and we aim to provide specialist teaching, support and resources for hearing impaired pupils from age 4 to 11, additional to that available in the mainstream school. Our objective is to enable the pupils to access the curriculum, to communicate effectively and to realise their potential and achieve maximum independence. 


We aim to support the children to be independent learners, who are ready for the next stage in their education, by the time they leave us. We encourage the children to take ownership of their learning. This includes teaching the children how to manage their equipment, to develop their personal understanding of their hearing needs, how to use the resources available to them and to feed off of their curiosity, instilling within each child a love of learning that they will carry with them once they leave Glebe.